NSENG is Chicago’s largest and fastest growing job search networking group!

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Over 8,500 members with 10+ members landing new jobs each week during COVID-19!

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Upcoming Events

Nov 03 2021
November 3, 2021
  • 6:30pm - 8:00pm Central time


NSENG Founder/CEO Marty Gilbert presents on how to implement effective networking tactics and enable your connections to help you in achieving valuable introductions that can lead to interviews. This presentation will be recorded.

Nov 17 2021
November 17, 2021
  • 6:00pm - 9:00pm Central time

3-Hr Online Workshop: “HOW TO CREATE & IMPLEMENT AN EFFECTIVE JOB SEARCH PLAN” plus a 40-min webinar recording on “How to Build a Target Company List”

Marty Gilbert addresses the most important job search activities to prioritize, how to optimize your efforts & execute so you can track your progress & significantly shorten your search. All registrants also get access to a 40-min recording on "How to Build a Target Company List".

Dec 08 2021
December 8, 2021
  • 6:30 - 8:00pm Central time

FREE JOB SEARCH Q&A SESSION (last NSENG event of the year)

NSENG Founder/CEO, Marty Gilbert, will answer a breadth of questions from participants (eg, resumes, LinkedIn, cover letters, networking, interviewing, branding, etc). Please feel free to email questions in advance to martygilbert1@gmail.com. This session is not being recorded.


The NorthShore Executive Networking Group (NSENG) was founded by job search coach, Marty Gilbert, and is a supportive organization that provides great advice and a willingness to share ideas that help accelerate your job search efforts. NSENG is the largest and fastest growing job search networking organization in the Chicago area. All of its events are online so it serves a breadth of job seekers across the globe.

An interactive environment for professionals with at least 10 years of work experience to network, hear presentations from job search experts, learn from one another and gain introductions to key individuals within companies that they are targeting to obtain their next opportunity!

Meetings that attract a diverse membership of single contributors, managers, directors, VPs and C-level individuals who all bring extensive networks which expand each member’s reach to influential connections. No need to pre-register for meetings.

Engaging speakers who present immediately actionable job search advice.

Small group networking sessions at each meeting to share contacts and gain warm introductions into target companies.

Job search coaching services that emphasize the “marketing” effort required to package, position and promote your unique competencies–and accelerate the job search. It also includes Marty Gilbert’s unique “What the Hell Approach to Job Search”™.

Webinars and workshops that provide tactical ways to accelerate and shorten your job search.

Talent Recruitment Program to help internal and external recruiters to quickly find high quality talent for their open positions by leveraging the NSENG membership.

NSENG’s newsletter and job leads can be received by becoming a member. Click here for your free NSENG membership. 

Quotes from individuals familiar with NSENG and it’s job search coaching services:

“What an incredibly helpful group. I didn’t have enough focus to my job search and by attending a networking and LinkedIn webinar, I got 3 interviews with 3 different companies within 2 weeks. Marty’s tactics really work and generate positive activity”.

Finance Manager

“Marty unlocked the Vault. He took me through his very methodical approach to job search, focusing on what has worked for him personally. No text book approach here – Marty rolled up his sleeves and surgically dissected my resume, LinkedIn profile, handbill, cover letters, search engines optimization, and taught me how to use resources that I didn’t know existed. Truly a Top 5 Lifetime Investment for me.”

Chief Executive Officer

“Marty delivers highly personalized and comprehensive 1:1 coaching. He quickly addressed my key objectives by unearthing my most marketable skills and suggest processes for improvement. In addition to his tailored recommendation, I learned a wealth of best practices that would be impossible to quantify here. I highly recommend NSENG and Marty’s coaching services to any executive conducting a job search.

VP Marketing

“Marty’s ‘WHAT THE HELL APPROACH TO JOB SEARCH’ is a real game-changer. I applied several of his WTH moves and I started getting beating the Applicant Tracking System by going around it and getting right to the key decision-makers. Landed a new job in 4 weeks.”

Healthcare Executive

“Marty is clearly able to draw upon his career experiences in order to develop actionable job searching strategies and tactics that work. I found him to be friendly and a great listener, while also being very action and results-oriented in his approach, which is just what I needed. Ultimately, he helped me to re-frame my thinking around the role of networking in both job searching and career management, while providing me with specific advice that I was able to immediately put to use. He’s a pleasure to work with.

Director of Analytics

“Marty is a job search expert and has a gift for writing. He summarized my value proposition as well as provided meaningful insight and guidance that helped me craft my resume and LinkedIn profile. After working with Marty, I’ve learned the most efficient approach to be successful in my job search.

Client Relationship Executive

“Marty’s support was instrumental in helping me maintain a growth mindset during my job search. His coaching and connections are top-notch, and he manages the most valuable and productive professional networking group in the Chicago area. I highly recommend Marty Gilbert as an executive coach.”

Product Innovation Manager

“NSENG really fosters information sharing and I’ve found the members to be very open to making introductions to key decision-makers that I could never get to on my own.”

Chief Operating Officer

“Marty… I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the amazing NSENG program and networking activities you have created. I think the quality of speakers you offer and the momentum that you have built is terrific. I know that many of our candidates at Kensington International attend your events and they always come back stating how valuable they are. Having the reach that your group provides is critical in the networking process. Thanks again for your compassion, caring, enthusiasm and support of those in transition.”

Executive Coach - Kensington International Outplacement

“I’m go glad I came to Marty’s workshop on The What the Hell Approach to Job Search– I didn’t realize how much I could have been doing better and more effectively in my job search. I’m definitely energized to try this new approach.”

Director of Sales

“I was struggling with how to position myself, never mind building a new resume. Marty to the rescue. He is thoughtful and flexible, and customizes his approach based on the needs of his clients. In addition to helping me get effective words on a piece of paper, his thoughts and feedback armed me with the confidence I need to find my next success. I am so grateful that Marty decided to pursue coaching full-time — he’s a natural!”

Marketing Director