SpeakerMichael Hahn
Motivational Speaker

  • How to shift from surviving to thriving
  • Practical tools to metabolize stress during the challenge of a job search
  • How assuming “positive intent” can turnaround a negative situation
  • Adopting a new mindset that enables you to perform better during interviews & networking meetings


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The one question that no one can answer about your job search is: How long will it take to land your next career opportunity? That makes for a frustrating and very stressful experience. To make matters more troubling, COVID-19 has presented several unique challenges for many job seekers. Furthermore, the fact that our world and the amount of information is changing rapidly and many of job seekers are struggling to keep pace. Over 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years. And for job seekers this can bring on a feeling of frustration, stress and a downward spiraling mindset that can lead to burnout, health & family issues. So what can you do to shift from merely surviving to THRIVING during your job search?

This webinar features motivational speaker, MICHAEL HAHN, who will address how you can leverage your time in transition by developing a different mindset that produces more positive results. The job search can be a very lonely journey but if you can channel your mind and your actions in the right way, you’ll get far more activity, you’ll exude a positive outlook and you will perform better during networking meetings and interviews. Some of the topics that Michael will cover include:

  • Learn how to “Design a Winnable Game” personally and professionally as you navigate to your next job opportunity.
  • Learn practical tools to metabolize stress during the challenges of a job search.
  • Discover how to “Assume Positive Intent” in the face of change, uncertainty and rejection.
  • Realize the essential habits to shift from surviving to THRIVING.


Michael’s bio
Michael Hahn is the CEO of Beyond Good Teams (www.MichaelHahnSpeaker.com) and author of Hero Habits: The Guide to Thriving in Corporate America and in Life. He is an authority and international speaker on organizational culture, employee engagement and personal behavior change. He brings high energy, intense passion and a humorous style to inspire audiences to reclaim their time, energy and motivation.. and he ties it to the topic of job search. Michael has developed the Culture Change Handbook and his articles have been featured in Inc. magazine, Chicago TribuneChicago Business Journal and StartUp magazine. He also brings over 20 years of corporate experience in finance, strategy, business development, HR and corporate relations.

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