SpeakerFord R Myers
President of Career Potential, LLC

  • How to get companies to pursue you instead of your chasing them
  • Positioning yourself as an effective problem-solver
  • Developing a “pull marketing” approach that brings leads & introductions to you
  • Establishing credibility as a thought leader that’s valuable to target companies


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“The Power of PULL MARKETING in Your Job Search”… When searching for a new job, would you rather “chase after employers,” or have employers “chase after you?” The choice is YOURS, and you CAN conduct your job search in such a way that employers will take the first step by reaching out to you.

Traditional job search methods include sending-out resumes, applying for jobs online, contacting employers and recruiters, and of course – networking. All of these tasks, collectively, fall under the heading of “Push Marketing.” This is because you’re “pushing” your message, hoping that someone will take notice. But even if you do make contact, you’ll still have to “convince” the employer of your worthiness. This is the limitation of “Push Marketing.”

But when employers perceive you as an expert and discover your credibility “on their own,” they’ll tend to feel “pulled” toward you and even pursue you. This is the primary benefit of “Pull Marketing”— your ability to attract the target companies and key influencers to you and your value. It’s more powerful and less time-consuming on your end.

YOU can be known as an expert, regardless of your professional background or level. The process begins with a fundamental shift in attitude, assumptions and behavior. To succeed with Pull Marketing, you’ll need to:

  • Stop acting like an applicant, and start acting like an expert
  • Stop behaving like a candidate, and start behaving like a consultant
  • Stop being a job seeker, and start being a problem-solver
  • Stop making it all about you/your needs, and start making it all about them/their needs

During this webinar, you’ll learn how to make this critical shift. You’ll discover the specific tactics, strategies and tools to master Pull Marketing in your job search and long-term career management. And while your shift to Pull Marketing may require some extra “up front” work, the results can deliver far greater progress in your job search. This innovative approach offers you greater control and far more traction over the entire hiring process.

Ford’s bio

Ford R. Myers is an award-winning career coach and President of Career Potential, LLC. He is author of Get The Job You Want, Even When No One’s Hiring. Ford’s firm helps clients take charge of their careers, create the work they love, and earn what they deserve! He has held senior consulting positions at some of the nation’s largest career service firms. Ford’s articles have appeared in thousands of publications and websites, and he has been interviewed frequently on major television and radio networks. Ford has also conducted presentations at hundreds of companies, associations and universities. Visit https://careerpotential.com for more.

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