SpeakerCatherine Johns
former WLS Radio Host (she broke the glass ceiling for women in the radio broadcast industry)

  • Coming across more confident & in-command during phone calls, interviews & networking
  • Changing your internal state of mind to “feel” more in charge
  • Managing non-verbal communications to make a stronger, positive impression
  • Using your voice & choice of words to gain greater credibility


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This is a special meeting for women only. And to the NSENG male members… if you have a wife or female friend that you think may benefit from attending this meeting, please encourage her to join us whether she’s an NSENG member or not.

Job interviewers make up their minds about you in a matter of seconds — for women, in particular, this can be a big challenge. As an individual who helped break the glass ceiling for women in the broadcast industry, CATHERINE JOHNS will show you how you can make a more powerful and memorable impression from the beginning to the end of an interview. With the right approach, you can create credibility so people will want to know you better, refer you and/or hire you. During her presentation, you will discover how to:

  • Come across confident and in command during phone calls, interviews and networking meetings.
  • Change your internal state of mind so you actually “feel” more confident.
  • Manage your non-verbal communications to make a stronger impression.
  • Use your voice and choice of words to make sure you’re delivering the message you want to send.
  • Understand what you may be doing to yourself that undermines your credibility.

Catherine’s Bio
Catherine Johns is an extremely accomplished radio news anchor who worked several years at WLS-radio alongside some of the biggest names in the industry, including Larry Lujack, John “Records” Landecker and Fred Winston. She coaches entrepreneurs and business professionals to speak with power, presence and poise so they can have more impact and influence. Catherine also has strong interest in helping women to present themselves in a more confident and convincing way. As a talk show host, Catherine had sparkling conversations with everyone from Barbara Bush to “Bob from Berwyn”, and has developed impressive skills in how to connect with an audience. She’ll share several of her insights that apply directly to female job seekers and how you can take greater control of the narrative and impression that you exude.

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