There are 10 NSENG members landing new jobs each week. Here are a few quotes from some of those individuals.

“The search process can be a lonely place, so I felt very fortunate to have found NSENG and a community of people who “get it.” From my first meet-up, I was impressed by the open environment for sharing and the lack of feeling judged for being in the job market. I’ve made some great connections through NSENG and thank you very much for leading a hugely supportive organization.”
— Landed a position as Marketing Director

“Marty, many thanks to you for all the leadership you continue to show in managing the NSENG organization! I have gained a great deal from the meetings, including your learnings, outside speakers, and networking with the members.”
— Landed a position as Vice President of Finance

“Thank you for NSENG. I have learned so much about job search and networking from you, the speakers, and the other members. Of all the lessons I learned from the group, probably the most important was to focus your job search on where you add value. It was counter-intuitive to me to limit my scope, but focusing helped so much. It helped me recognize myself as a strong, valuable person, and made all the difference in the world.”
— Landed a position as Director of Entrepreneurial Services

“I greatly appreciated the help NSENG provided. The speakers and presenters at NSENG were relevant and very helpful. Also, the networking sessions provided contacts who could and were willing to help. I used the career portfolio idea from NSENG to differentiate myself and I thought this concept worked great. Thank you for your help and all of the help I received from NSENG.”
— Landed a position as Senior Director of Corporate Logistics

“My story is another example of why networking is such an important factor in finding the next career opportunity. I was made aware of my opportunity by an e-mail sent from an NSENG member to our group. Had I not joined NSENG, I would have NEVER been aware of this position. I am grateful for the opportunity sharing platform that NSENG has provided.”
— Landed a position as Chief Sales Officer

“I would like to extend a special thanks to you for staying involved and committed to helping the participants at the NSENG keep connected and engaged. It is one of the most important aspects of the job search, and your passion for helping is personally inspiring.”
— Landed a position as Director of Financial Operations

“Thank you for all that you do to bring people together for support and networking. Your commitment is part of the reason I’m where I am now. It’s a tough life situation to navigate alone. I’m glad I found your group and others to keep me motivated and involved.”
— Landed a position as Operations Manager

“Thanks for the efforts you have made with NSENG. You have great speakers, the group is a kind and giving group, and you personally have great ideas Marty. As you know I had multiple offers, and one of them came from an idea of yours. Thanks again for that, I appreciate your knowledge.”
— Landed a position as Senior Product & Program Manager

“Thanks so much for everything you do for NSENG. It was an extremely helpful resource during my transition, the speakers were excellent, and I was able to network with a wide range of very talented individuals.”
— Landed a position as Senior Director of Strategy