Online Workshop Date:  11/17/2021 – 6:00-9:00pm CST
SpeakerMarty Gilbert
NSENG Founder/CEO & Job Search Coach

  • Key elements of a successful job search plan
  • Networking more effectively into target companies
  • Writing an engaging branding statement & value proposition
  • Creating more buzz on LinkedIn to draw more attention to your profile
  • Developing a productive weekly routine & tracking your progress
If you have any problems with registering for this event, just email Marty Gilbert at martygilbert1@gmail.com.


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This online workshop is being recorded so all registrants will get access to the recording whether you attend or not… and you can always purchase the recording at a later date.
Whether you’ve been job searching for 2 weeks or 2 years, this workshop will help you be more efficient with your time… more capable of creating an order to your job search tactics…  more effective at reaching and marketing yourself to target companies… and more productive with distinguishing yourself in the marketplace. THIS IS HOW YOU GET FAR MORE INTERVIEWS AND SHORTEN THE TIME IT TAKES TO LAND YOUR NEXT JOB.

Virtually every job we’ve ever had has required us to develop a carefully laid out plan on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. And the job search is no different. Too many job seekers jump right into their search without having defined their plan of attack and it often results in a lot of unproductive time, unfocused efforts and longer time frames to land an appropriate position. An effective job search requires a tactical routine, a prioritization process, a well-defined order of specific tasks, a targeted marketing program and a measurement criterion to help ensure that you’re optimizing your time and able to track your progress. This workshop will identify the framework and action plan that job seekers should undertake in order to develop and implement a tactical plan that maximizes your efforts, engages your audience, communicates your value and generates interviews over a shorter period of time. 

During this instructional session, MARTY GILBERT, job search coach and founder of NSENG, will present his perspectives on the following topics:

  • What a job search plan should contain and the order in which each initiative should be completed
  • How to develop an effective weekly routine
  • Setting job search goals and tracking your progress
  • How to network more effectively
  • Examples of resumes that are and are not effective
  • How to build an ATS-compliant resume
  • How to define your audience and build a target company list with key contacts
  • How to develop a marketing plan that reaches your targets
  • How to write your brand and value proposition
  • How to create more buzz on LinkedIn

As an added bonus, all registrants of this event will receive free access to a 40-minute webinar recording on “How to Build a Target Company List” which is essential to creating focus around your job search so that you pursue firms that are aligned with your background or interests– it also opens you up to the “hidden job market”.

Here are a few comments from individuals that have attended this specific workshop:
“This session was great– better than what I’ve gotten from Northwestern’s Kellogg career services team. You ought to be coaching them.”
— “Very helpful tips on developing the right kind of job search plan. Great advice on how to create an effective job search routine and targeted approach.”
— “Loved the structure to the presentation. It really instills a much needed discipline for those of us in a job search. Thanks for all of your advice and counsel.”
— “Marty’s experience and enthusiasm make all the difference. An excellent workshop.”
— “I’ve been through two outplacement programs that weren’t as well presented and practical as this workshop. So helpful.”
— “A very practical, tactical and well-organized presentation that’s extremely helpful. Marty’s encouraging nature is very welcoming and engaging to his audience.”
— “Fantastic workshop. I have lots of work to do but now I know what to focus on.”

Marty’s bio
Marty Gilbert is the Founder and CEO of NSENG, the largest job search networking organization in the Chicago area with over 8,500 members and 10 individuals landing new jobs each week. He brings a wealth of job search coaching experience and has helped over 2,200 professionals to land new jobs. Marty has developed a proven job search methodology that has helped many job seekers to create market connectivity, more effective communications with target companies and greater visibility with influential decision-makers that help shorten the job search process.
He is also a savvy LinkedIn trainer who embraced the platform early on in 2004 and has accumulated over 22,000 connections. Most importantly, Marty’s unique “marketing” approach to job search is all about positioning, branding, networking, engaging and communicating your value proposition to targeted decision-makers. He has held executive level marketing, sales and general management roles in Motorola and several middle market firms across a breadth of industries. He also served as Chief Operating Officer for STATS Inc, the sports data and analytics firm that was the genesis for the book and movie, Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt. Marty’s career spans over 20 years of international experience that includes a position working in Tokyo for Dentsu Inc (the world’s largest advertising agency), where his award-winning writing regularly appeared in Time, Newsweek and Business Week magazines. He is also a frequent job search presenter to several university alumni groups including Harvard, Yale, Univ of Chicago and Univ of Michigan. You can view more about Marty’s background at www.linkedin.com/in/martygilbert.

Terms & Conditions
All NSENG workshops, presentation materials and content are proprietary and confidential to NSENG. An important part of your purchase obligation is that you understand that you may not share the workshop link and presentation content with anyone else. Anyone who attempts to violate these requirements can and will be prosecuted. By purchasing this workshop, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined above. This session will be recorded.


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