SpeakerCatherine Johns
former WLS Radio Host

  • Creating a great first impression that makes people interested in learning more about you
  • Three things your introduction must include to capture engagement
  • Tips on structuring your elevator pitch to make it more intriguing
  • Using powerful language that draws people in
  • The secret to having more confidence when you talk about your experience


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All job seekers need to be able to deliver a quick and engaging introduction of themselves that lets people know who you are and what value you have to offer a prospective employer. A dynamic elevator pitch goes a long toward creating a great first impression. And yet, one of the most difficult questions that individuals struggle with is “What do you do?” Unfortunately, many people respond in a way that leaves the listener unexcited or unclear. And that short 60-second pitch may be the one key moment you get to create interest and an opportunity to become memorable.

During this webinar, former WLS-radio talk show host, CATHERINE JOHNS, will talk about “How to Develop & Deliver a Dynamic Elevator Pitch”. You will learn how to create excitement  and credibility so people will want to know you better, will want to refer you and will want to hire you. Here are some of the topics that Catherine will discuss:

  • A new way of thinking about the “old” elevator speech
  • Three things your introduction must include to capture interest
  • Tips for structuring your introduction to make it more intriguing
  • How to use powerful language that draws people in 
  • The secret to having more confidence when you talk about your work experience

Catherine’s Bio

Catherine Johns is an extremely accomplished radio news anchor who worked several years at WLS-radio alongside radio legends such as Larry Lujack, John “Records” Landecker and Fred Winston. She broke the glass ceiling for women in the radio broadcasting industry. Today, Catherine coaches entrepreneurs and business professionals who must have greater impact with potential customers and partners. Her techniques apply very much to job seekers. Catherine’s proven her ability to break through a male-dominated industry with a powerful communication style that influences audiences to take action. She’ll share that with you during this webinar as you find out how to improve the first impression you make.

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