SpeakerMarty Gilbert
NSENG Founder/CEO & Job Search Coach

  • Factors that contribute to a job seeker getting stuck
  • Simple actions to take on LinkedIn that get you immediate traction
  • Developing a targeted job search marketing plan to present yourself in a dynamic way
  • Connecting during a job interview so you become more likeable & more memorable
  • Establishing a value proposition that connects your background to each advertised job


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Many job seekers are able fill up a 40 or 50 hour week that’s comprised of search activity that really doesn’t deliver as much progress as they’d like. They aren’t uncovering new target companies. They aren’t getting great introductions to key influencers. They aren’t receiving many interviews. And they’re spending a lot of their time answering online ads along with 200 other candidates and getting lost in the shuffle. THEY ARE STUCK.

There is a cure and during this webinar, NSENG Founder/CEO & Job Search Coach, MARTY GILBERT, will present very tactical actions you should take as he shares his approach on “HOW TO GET UNSTUCK IN YOUR JOB SEARCH”. If you identify with any of the following characteristics, then this webinar could prove to be quite helpful for you:

  • Not getting at least 1 interview each week
  • Not having at least 10 networking calls each week
  • Not getting at least 5 LinkedIn profile views each day
  • Not adding at least 70 new LinkedIn connections each week
  • Spending more than 15% of your time answering online ads each week
  • Don’t have a specific job search marketing plan
  • Aren’t tapping into the “hidden job market”
  • Starting to lose confidence and second-guessing yourself
  • Applying for jobs that you really don’t want
  • Starting to lower your bar on what jobs are acceptable
  • Your emotions are getting the best of you
  • Low energy level and easily frustrated

This session will discuss how you can know when you’re stuck… why people get stuck… and, most importantly, what actions you can take to start making some meaningful progress by leveraging your network, LinkedIn, your messaging, a proactive marketing approach and changing your mental outlook.

Here are a few comments from individuals who have attended Marty’s presentations:

— “Enjoyed the real life, down-to-earth feedback on strategy, specific steps and what you should and shouldn’t do in your search.”

— “Marty’s hands on, one-on-one, LinkedIn instruction was invaluable. He is knowledgeable, pragmatic and resourceful. I highly recommend working with him to learn how to take control of the job search process.”

— “Beyond Marty’s writing ability, he understands the search process and provides written documents and counseling to guide you through your search in a focused, direct, fashion.”

— “Marty unlocked the vault. He took me through his very methodical approach to job search, focusing on what has worked for him personally. No text book approach here.”

— “Marty is a job search expert and has a gift for writing. He summarized my value proposition as well as provided meaningful insight and guidance. After working with Marty, I’ve learned the most efficient approach to be successful in my job search.

Marty’s Bio
Marty Gilbert
is the Founder and CEO of NSENG, the largest job search networking organization in the Chicago area with over 9,000 members and 10 individuals landing new jobs each week. He brings a wealth of job search coaching experience and has helped over 2,500 middle and senior level professionals to land new jobs. Marty is also a savvy LinkedIn trainer who embraced the platform early on in 2004 and has accumulated over 23,000 connections. Most importantly, Marty’s unique “marketing” approach to job search is all about positioning, branding, networking, engaging and communicating your value proposition to targeted decision-makers. His methods for bridging the online and offline worlds of marketing with LinkedIn are a powerful enabling component of his teachings. Marty has held executive level marketing, sales and general management roles in Motorola and several middle market firms across a breadth of industries. He also served as Chief Operating Officer for STATS Inc, the sports data and analytics firm that was the genesis for the book and movie, Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt.
Marty’s career spans over 20 years of international experience that includes a position working in Tokyo for Dentsu Inc (the world’s largest advertising agency), where his award-winning writing regularly appeared in Time, Newsweek and Business Week magazines. You can view more about Marty’s background at www.linkedin.com/in/martygilbert.

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