SpeakerDavid Fisher
Business Coach

  • Building a clear & memorable brand across online & offline platforms
  • Developing communication cadences that keep you top-of-mind with your network & target companies
  • Leveraging LinkedIn to create engagement for job opportunities
  • Finding ways to foster your in-person relationships via online engagement
  • Messaging that draws people toward you


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Your brand and your network are two of your most valuable assets during a job search. But it takes an integrated online and offline communications approach to fully leverage the power of each. Social media like LinkedIn can provide you with expansive “reach” but the human interactions are what deliver the credibility and the chemistry. When you combine both, your job search progress can accelerate quickly and during this webinar, author and sales coach, DAVID FISHER, will present on his perspectives on “How to integrate online and offline tools to build your brand and your network”.

Some of the topics that David will cover include:
  • Connecting your online activities to your offline goals
  • Building a clear, concise brand message across platforms
  • Developing communication cadences that keep you top-of-mind with your network and target companies
  • Finding ways to foster your offline relationships with online engagement
  • Leveraging LinkedIn to create engagement for job opportunities

David Fisher’s Bio
David Fisher
 is an internationally-recognized keynote speaker, sales trainer, and business coach focused on bringing the human touch back into sales, social media and networking. He focuses particularly on the area where social selling, relationship-building, and old-school sales skills converge, all of which are important skills in a job search. He has written extensively on both online and offline relationship-building and business development. He is the author of six best-selling books in his “Networking in the 21st Century” series… Why your network sucks & what you can do about it. He’s also contributed to sites such as The Social Media, Examiner, Forbes, Spin Sucks, and Business to Community. David is a graduate of Northwestern University and has provided motivational presentations to organizations such as Dell, State Farm Insurance, Morningstar and the American Marketing Association. Click here to view a 90-sec video where David talks about “online presence”.

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