SpeakerEliot Shapiro, Co-founder of EMS Communications  (www.presentationtrainers.com)

  • Engaging interviewers with confident body language & tone of voice
  • Eliminating the use of non-words (eg, um, like, ya know)
  • Creating a daily workout plan for practicing better communication skills
  • Preparing for Zoom interviews with delivery style, lighting, camera placement
  • “Muscle memory” exercises for performing better under pressure


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Job seekers at all levels need to project CONFIDENCE when in job interviews whether they’re in-person, over the phone or via the Zoom platform. But how do you stand out from a crowd of similarly qualified candidates? How can you exude confidence that distinguishes you to become more favorable? And how can you project self-assurance when you’re just not feeling it? Attend this webinar and find out from communications and presentation coach, ELIOT SHAPIRO, who will tell you exactly what you can do to come across dynamic, poised  and far more confident. It’s often the key differentiator when employers are down to a short list of candidates because it’s a fact that confident employees consistently fare better than those individuals who come across somewhat tentative. Furthermore, interviewers are often wondering:

  • “Is this the kind of person who can command an audience?”
  • “Does this candidate convey a sense of conviction?”
  • When this individual speaks, will he or she control the respect of their colleagues?”

These are some of the techniques that Eliot will share so you can make a far better impression at any phase of your job search. We will also be conducting some “LIVE VIRTUAL COACHING via role-playing mock interviews with a few NSENG members during this webinar so everyone can observe and take note of delivery techniques that can make a noticeable difference in how you to come across. 

Here are a few of the topics that Eliot covers during his presentation

  • How to engage listeners with confident body language during interviews.
  • How to avoid wishy-washy words and nervous tendencies when speaking.
  • Easy exercises for building “muscle memory” to help you perform better under pressure.
  • How to outperform your competition when you present with authority.
  • Learn a daily workout plan for practicing better communication skills.
  • How to come across more authentic & learn what to do, not what to avoid.
  • How to prepare for Zoom and videoconferencing interviews in terms of delivery style, webcam placement, lighting, set-up, etc.

Here are 4 quick reasons to purchase this webinar:

  • Many candidates fail because the interviewee doesn’t exhibit sufficient confidence during their in-person interview.
  • Interviewers are looking for candidates they think can hold their own once they get on the job… an inability to exhibit confidence can eliminate a candidate quickly.
  • Many short-listed candidates are often asked to make a presentation to a panel and those individuals who can speak with greater confidence have a clear advantage.
  • When networking with individuals who can make an influential introduction into a target company, they are less apt to help someone who doesn’t speak with confidence since it’s their reputation that’s on the line.

Eliot’s Bio
Eliot Shapiro is the Co-Founder and Principal of EMS Communications (www.presentationtrainers.com). For over 20 years he has helped individuals and teams to upgrade their confidence and communication skills for interviews, presentations and networking encounters. Eliot has been ridding the world of boring presentations one speaker at a time, and that’s often what it takes to distinguish you, your background and the value you can bring to your next employer. Eliot trains C-suite leadership teams and job seekers on how to come across more dynamic and memorable. His coaching has been used by many executives at companies such as Comcast, Wells Fargo, Walsh Construction and Wintrust Financial. Eliot received his MBA from the University of Illinois at Chicago where he also served as an adjunct faculty member for the graduate school of business.

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