NorthShore Executive Networking Group

NSENG was started by Marty Gilbert when he was in an active job search in 2010. Today, over 10,000 single contributors, managers, directors, VPs and C-level executives are members of NSENG and Marty has helped 3,000 of them to obtain their next career opportunities. By joining this organization each member has access to all of these individuals as part of their job search, along with gaining job search knowledge through NSENG’s workshops, webinars and one-on-one coaching. Membership growth has largely been from referrals by individuals who have attended a meeting and found the speakers and the talent in the room to be a helpful part of their job search. The information presented in the meetings along with the interactions between members are a key part of NSENG’s value. This is augmented by the sharing of job leads, search strategy discussions and NSENG’s job search coaching services, all of which help individuals be more productive with their time.

A few examples of presentation topics that have been addressed in previous meetings include:

  • Maximizing the value of LinkedIn during your job search
  • Excelling at phone screens, Zoom & in-person interviews
  • Developing a dynamic elevator pitch
  • Developing a target company list
  • Beating age discrimination during your job search
  • How to handle ghosting during a job search
  • The executive recruiter’s perspective on hiring
  • How to train your brain to perform better during your job search
  • Speaking with greater confidence during interviews
  • How to network to your next job

To view a document with further details on NSENG, click here.

To hear a 3-minute video Marty’s trademarked “What the Hell Approach to Job Search”®, click here.

To listen to a podcast interview of Marty Gilbert’s perspectives on “networking”, click here.

Lastly, NSENG has a strict “non-solicitation” rule that prohibits any members and current or past advertisers or sponsors from reaching out to NSENG members in an effort to sell them products or services. This includes the use of NSENG’s directory or any other confidential information. Violators can be prosecuted.