SpeakerJohn Kennedy
Executive Brain Coach

  • How targeted neuroplasticity can stimulate your brain to think faster & respond quicker
  • Experience a brain exercise to use before each interview, networking meeting or presentation
  • Breaking bad interviewing & networking habits while creating new & better ones
  • Understanding how to assess certain situations & how to adapt your behavior for greater success


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Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply flip a switch to put your brain into over-drive just before a job interview or important presentation? Well, that’s exactly what this webinar is all about. One key to performing well during these critical situations is your ability to focus clearly, think fast on your feet and be able to make better decisions when under stress. And much of that depends on your brain’s metal agility to quickly adapt to different situations. In this webinar you’ll learn how to stimulate your brain and raise its performance to a higher level by learning a 10-minute exercise.
Executive brain coach, JOHN KENNEDY, will present background on neuroplasticity aspects of brain stimulation and then he will take everyone through some “brain stimulation” training exercises where you may notice a positive difference before you leave this event. Most importantly, you can use apply the exercises you’ve learned just prior to any job interview, networking encounter or presentation.
Some of the topics that John will address include:
  • The ability of your brain to change based on stimulatio
  • Assessing and adapting your behavior for greater success during interviews
  • How to break bad interviewing and networking habits and create new ones
  • Go through the exercises that will stimulate your brain to be faster and more focused
  • Learn how to apply the exercises before interviews and networking events

Click HERE to view a 2-minute video on John’s overview of neuroplasticity and how he can stimulate your brain’s performance.

John Kennedy’s Bio
John is a pioneer in the field of Targeted Neuroplasticity Training. He was contracted by the US Marines in 2007 to develop the Combat Brain Training™ program to reduce casualties in combat and improve Warfighting capabilities by accelerating mental processing and improving focus. Overwhelmingly successful, John’s programs quickly spread to other individuals including: US Special Operations Command, Snipers, pilots, athletes and students of all ages, business people, those suffering from brain trauma… and JOB SEEKERS. He has even trained inner-city high school kids on his techniques and 100% of them reported significant improvements in just a few hours. Additionally, brain John’s training has since been adopted by many executives, salespeople, technical experts, attorneys, traders and financial advisors. To learn more about John and his proprietary brain training program, click here.

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