90-Min Online Zoom Networking Event with 3 Rounds of Networking


Date:  Wed Nov 4th, 7:00-8:30pm Central time
Moderator: Marty Gilbert, NSENG Founder/CEO & Job Search Coach

REGISTRATION FOR THIS EVENT WILL CLOSE AT 6:50pm on the 4th. There is no recording for this networking event and it is against the terms and conditions of this purchase to share the event link with anyone else.



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It’s a known fact that over 50% of job seekers obtain their next career opportunity through some form of networking. And that’s especially true with companies that have advertised jobs– the chosen candidate often is someone who has been recommended by an employee on the inside or gets introduced to someone who knows a key individual within the firm. It’s so important to constantly be making new connections with people that can introduce you into target companies or influential individuals who can position you in a very favorable light. We know that the most qualified individual doesn’t always win the job… but the best “connected” candidate definitely has a significant advantage.

During this 90-minute Zoom event NSENG Founder/CEO, Marty Gilbert, will moderate 3 rounds of networking. The next day each registrant of this event will receive the name and email address of everyone who attended so that you can quickly gain 40-80 new LinkedIn connections. There will be virtual breakout rooms for each round of networking where in groups of 8-10 people, each individual will have a chance to share a bit about their background… mention any companies or industries that they are trying to pursue… and seek advice on specific job search challenges they may be encountering. It’s often through these networking conversations that the following great results are achieved:

  • You could receive some warm introductions into target companies from other participants… introductions that you could never get on your own.
  • You may be made aware of job leads that other participants share with your breakout group.
  • You have a great opportunity to practice your elevator pitch and get some honest feedback.
  • You can learn about job search tactics that others have found to be very effective with their search.
  • You will gain several new LinkedIn connections by sharing your contact information with those in your group.
  • You will get some candid feedback or advice on job search challenges you may be encountering.

This is a great opportunity to network with well-connected individuals in a very safe environment. We’ve had hundreds of NSENG members get introductions into target companies from other members and they’ve often resulted in interviews and job offers that never would have happened without these kinds of interactions.

Terms & Conditions

All NSENG webinars, presentation materials and content are proprietary and confidential to NSENG. You are purchasing with event with the understanding that the link and the content are not to be shared with others. Anyone who attempts to violate these requirements can and will be prosecuted.  No refunds for no-shows. This networking event is not being recorded since there is no presentation.