90-min webinar recording: “Developing an effective LinkedIn game plan to your next job”


Purchase this 90-min webinar recording on “Developing an Effective LinkedIn Game Plan to Your Next Job”
Speaker: Wayne Breitbarth (the Chicago area’s foremost authority on LinkedIn for job seekers)

President of LinkedIn Power Formula & author of the most widely read book on LinkedIn… The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success.

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Most job seekers will tell you that LinkedIn plays an extremely significant role in their efforts to identify and connect with key individuals at prospective employers. And most talent acquisition recruiters and executive search firms will tell you that they are actively using LinkedIn as their preferred resource for finding qualified candidates. That’s why this 90-minute webinar is so important and why you should hear it from WAYNE BREITBARTH, the author of the most widely read book on LinkedIn. 
Wayne’s entire presentation is performed live on the LinkedIn site and it focuses on “Developing an effective LinkedIn game plan to your next job”. You will walk away from this session with 5-10 LinkedIn tips you didn’t know, all  of which are centered around expanding your networking, finding the right individuals and how to accelerate your job search efforts. Some of the topics that Wayne will cover include:
  • Discover what proactive steps you should be taking every day on LinkedIn. 
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn to be more effective in your job search.
  • Explore some of the new, hard-to-find LinkedIn job seeker features.
  • The free “artificial intelligence” Chrome extension that can prepare you better for interviews.
  • Ways that LinkedIn can make you a far more effective networker.
  • Why you don’t need to pay for premium service to get what you need from LinkedIn.
  • Find out the simple LinkedIn steps to ask for career-related referrals. 
  • See why LinkedIn is the #1 social media site for recruiters, employers, and YOU.
  • Many LinkedIn features that have changed and how that impacts you.

Wayne’s Bio
Wayne Breitbarth is the CEO of Power Formula LLC (www.powerformula.net).  Wayne has shared his LinkedIn expertise with more than 80,000 business professionals and he has been featured on NBC, Fox Business, Forbes, Wired, Inc magazine and the America Express Open Forum. He has a very dynamic, hands-on presentation style that provides audiences with tremendous knowledge that can make a measurable difference in their job search efforts immediately. This will be a very lively presentation so come prepared to learn about the many LinkedIn capabilities that many job seekers haven’t yet uncovered. Wayne is an expert at helping job seekers to expand their networks and, most importantly, how you can find and engage the right kind of people in companies you are targeting.

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