60-min webinar: “Human Behavior Hacking for Job Interviews”


Speaker: Susan Ibitz, Human Behavior Hacker



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One of the toughest parts of a job interview is deciphering the non-verbal cues that take place throughout the encounter. This is particularly true of facial expressions– those that you give and those that you receive from the interviewer. Being able to read people’s faces can provide very significant indicators as to how you’re doing and if you can interpret their meaning, you could have a big advantage in connecting and communicating more effectively.
During this meeting, human behavior hacker, SUSAN IBITZ, will share advice on how you can be more effective during interviews by

  • being able to read the interviewer before you even meet.
  • being able to interpret the interviewers face, body language and voice… and then be able to adjust your approach accordingly.
After just a 15-minute phone conversation with Susan, she sized me up very accurately just by hearing my voice– I was hugely impressed.
Here are some of the topics that Susan will cover during her presentation on “Human Behavior Hacking for Job Interviews”: 
  • How human resource depts use artificial intelligence during the hiring process
  • How to use your body language and how to read others
  • “Face Reading” to communicate your message more effectively
  • How come companies are using “Face Reading” today during interviews
  • How “Micro Expressions” and “Proxemics” can impact an interview

Susan’s Bio
Susan Ibitz is a human behavior hacker and lead researcher for the Human Behavior Lab (www.humanbehaviorlab.com). She is a master at reading people’s faces and voices, and her skills have been utilized by job seekers, journalists, law enforcement, politicians, medical professionals, married couples and in hostage negotiations. Susan is capable of interpreting people by simply seeing a photograph and she’ll share some of her findings during her presentation. She also possesses an expansive array of educational achievements a negotiation certificate from Harvard University and a human behavior certification from the University of Michigan.

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