One of the best ways to improve your job search efforts is to hear advice and learn from experts. To help, NSENG has established an array of live webinars and recorded on-demand webinars that cover topics that can make your job search shorter and more productive. You can purchase any of these webinars and even if you don’t attend you still get access to the recording that you can playback as often as you like. Just click on the titles below for more details about each webinar. 

UPCOMING LIVE WEBINARS (with live chat for Q&A and all registrants get access to the recording)

1.  Thu Feb 4th, 7:00-8:15pm Central time… “How to Train Your Brain to Perform Better During Your Job Search”
Speaker:  John Kennedy, executive brain coach



1. Wed Jan 6th, 7:00-8:15pm Central time…  “Making Great & Lasting First Impressions for Interviews & Networking (online & offline)”
Speaker: Steve Hughes, motivational speaker/comedian

2. 90-min webinar ($20) on “Integrating Online & Offline Tools to Build Your Brand & Your Network”
Speaker:  David Fisher, Business/sales coach

2. 80-min webinar ($20) on “How to Turn a Job Interview into a Powerful Conversation”
Speaker:  Lynne Franklin, Persuasive Communications Coach

4. 90-min LADIES NITE webinar ($20) on “Overcoming Unique Challenges that Women Face During a Job Search”
Speaker:  Catherine Johns, former WLS-radio host

5. 90-min webinar ($20) on “How to Speak with Greater Confidence During Job Interviews”
Speaker:  Eliot Shapiro, Communications & Presentation Coach

5. 90-min webinar ($20) on “30 Ways to Get Unstuck in Your Job Search”
Speaker:  Marty Gilbert, NSENG Founder/CEO & Job Search Coach

7. 90-min webinar ($20) on “How to Develop & Deliver a Dynamic Elevator Pitch”
Speaker:  Catherine Johns, former WLS-Radio talk show host (she broke the glass ceiling for women in the broadcast industry)

8.  80-min webinar recording ($20) on “How to Overcome Being Viewed as Over-Qualified”
Speaker:  Abby Kohut, Talent Recruiter (one of the country’s most publicized recruiters)

9. 75-min webinar recording ($20) on “How to Work More Effectively With a Recruiter.
Speaker:  Lynn Hazan, President of Lynn Hazan & Assocs (one of Chicago’s most active executive search firms)

10. 70-min webinar ($20) on “Interview Success: From Phone Screen to the Final Round (The presentation starts at 6mins & 30sec and runs for 10)
Speaker:  Judy Braun, executive coach & founder of Braun Leadership

11. 90-minute webinar ($20) on “How to Excel During Job Interviews- phone screens, Zoom & in-person interviews”
Speaker:  John Philbin, Career Coach & Founder/CEO of Happy Work Spectacular Life