9/29/21 Webinar: “BUILDING A PERSONAL BRAND FOR YOUR JOB SEARCH” plus a round of networking

9/29/21 Webinar: “BUILDING A PERSONAL BRAND FOR YOUR JOB SEARCH” plus a round of networking


Date:  Wed Sept 29th, 6:30-8:15pm Central time
Speaker:  Debra Wheatman, Founder & President of Career Done Write

REGISTRATION TO ATTEND THE LIVE EVENT WILL CLOSE AT 6:20pm on the 29th. This webinar will be recorded so everyone who registers for this event or purchases this webinar after Sept 29th will receive a link to the recording.


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Establishing, managing and maintaining a professional, compelling brand is an essential part of any effective job search. Telling a meaningful and relevant story to achieve the “law of attraction” from hiring managers and companies enables job seekers to establish thought leadership status and it sets them apart from the competition to deliver long-standing value. It also leaves a positive and memorable impression. This presentation will cover strategies for job seekers to fully prepare for the entire lifecycle of the recruiting, interviewing, hiring and job offer negotiation process with a compelling brand story. Debra Wheatman will cover understanding your value and sharing things that make YOU unique. She will discuss appropriate preparation, practice, confidence and ways to showcase your talents to serve as the framework for a successful search and beyond.

Attendees of this webinar will benefit from real world advice and examples along with the following key takeaways:

  • Understanding what branding is and ways to build a meaningful brand
  • Powerful ways to brand yourself online
  • How to use social media to develop and promote your brand
  • How to network and share your brand in a way that it attracts others
  • Mechanisms for building a brand internally to achieve new levels of success

In the last 30 minutes of this event  (for those that wish to network), everyone will be broken up into virtual small groups of 6-10 people where you’ll have an opportunity to share a bit about your background and companies that are of interest to you. Often times these networking sessions present opportunities for warm introductions into target companies that you otherwise can’t reach on your own.

Debra’s bio

Debra Wheatman is the Founder and President of Careers Done Write, a marketing and personal branding company that provides comprehensive services to job seekers who want to stand out and be more proactive about acquiring their next career opportunity. She possesses a background in human resources with industry leading companies in financial services, advertising, media and entertainment. Debra guides clients in leadership strategy, career management, interpersonal engagement and performance improvement. She is a certified professional resume writer and career coach, and has been featured on FOX Business News, CNBC, Forbes and in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post. Debra is also a frequent presenter at Gartner’s Security Summit in Washington DC on gender diversity, C-level leadership, and strategies to help women negotiate.

Terms & Conditions

All NSENG webinars, presentation materials and content are proprietary and confidential to NSENG. You are purchasing this event with the understanding that the link and the content are not to be shared with others. Anyone who attempts to violate these requirements can be prosecuted. This webinar will be recorded and a link will be made available to you the day after the event.

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