SpeakerLynne Franklin
Persuasive Communications Coach, TEDx Speaker and Author

Lynne Franklin presents on creating messages that connect with interviews, ways to build rapport during interviews, how to be more persuasive and confident in your responses, and different ways to adapt your interviewing style to enhance your candidacy.

  • Creating messages that connect with the interviewer
  • Conversing in a more confident manner when answering questions
  • Making your answers more persuasive
  • Different ways to adapt your interviewing style to enhance your candidacy
  • Picking up on body language queues and facial gestures


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Research shows that when an interviewer like you, two powerful things happen:
1)  The qualities you have suddenly become more important to doing the job successfully.

2)  The skills you don’t have automatically are discounted.

So, given that, how do you create a faster positive connection in an interview? How can you persuade the interviewer that you are a candidate that deserves very serious consideration? That’s where TEDx speaker and author, LYNNE FRANKLIN, comes in. She’s an amazing interactive presenter on how to apply engaging communication styles that give you more credibility and increase your connectivity with each interviewer. And this isn’t just about the words that you convey but your body language as well. At the same time, Lynne provides a great deal of guidance with regard to reading the interviewer’s attitude and facial gestures in order to capitalize quickly on what most readily will resonate and connect with them. Here are some of the topics that she’ll be covering during her presentation:

  • Creating messages that connect with interviews (based on neuroscience)
  • Ways to build rapport during interviews (based on Lynne’s interviews with successful leaders)
  • How to be more persuasive and confident in your responses
  • Different ways to adapt your interviewing style to enhance your candidacy
In the last 30 minutes of this event, everyone will be broken up into virtual small groups where you’ll have an opportunity to share a bit about your background and companies that are of interest to you. Often times these networking sessions present opportunities for warm introductions into companies that you otherwise can’t reach on your own.

Lynne Franklin’s Bio
Lynne Franklin
is a neuroscience nerd, a persuasive communications expert and one of Chicago’s premier presenters. She works with business leaders who want to stop paying the high price for poor communication by creating more and better connections and building more confidence. Lynne is the Past President of the National Speakers Association Illinois Chapter, which comes through in her very interactive and engaging presentation style. She is also the author of Getting Others to Do What You Want and her TEDx Talk on how to become a mind reader has gone viral.

To get a sense for Lynne’s presentation style, here are two great short videos for you to watch:
1.  Click here to learn about her perspective on the art of persuasion.
2.  Click here to learn how you can read people’s minds through reading their body language.


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