60-min webinar: “How IMPROV Can Improve Your Job Search”

60-min webinar: “How IMPROV Can Improve Your Job Search”


60-min webinar on “How IMPROV Can Improve Your Job Search” (registration includes access to the webinar recording whether you attend or not)
Date:  Mon June 22nd, 7:00-8:00pm Central time
Speaker:  RICHARD OBERBRUNER  (Second City training grad)   

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On the surface, improvisation is known for its entertainment value to make people laugh. But it can also be a powerful communication tool in many aspects of a job search. Being quick-witted, thinking fast on your feet and conveying a positive attitude can make a huge difference in how you’re perceived throughout an interview. During this webinar, RICHARD OBERBRUNER, a SECOND CITY Training Center graduate, will lead a highly interactive session that will put you in situations where thinking with a different attitude can produce surprising results. Experience the power of improv for yourself and gain new communication techniques that you can use when networking or interviewing with a prospective employer. During Richard’s presentation, attendees will:
  • Role playing situations where you will apply the 5 key elements of improv… trust, communication, acceptance, building & spontaneity
  • Develop real & hypothetical answers to behavioral interview questions
  • Learn the difference between “Yes” & “No but” attitudes & how each can persuasively be used in conversations
  • Realize how laughter is important to relieve stress

Richard’s Bio
Richard Oberbruner has successfully assisted thousands of job seekers as a career coach at Worknet DuPage, Harper College and the Community Career Center. He has also conducted improv workshops for many professional associations across the country. And, as you can imagine, Richard teaches a sense of humor and quick wit that can help candidates make themselves more “memorable and likable”… two of the most important ingredients to becoming a preferred candidate. He is a big believer in having Serious Fun™ – the fun of participating in laugh-filled, spontaneous improv games combined with the seriousness of company objectives.


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