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The NorthShore Executive Networking Group (NSENG) is Chicago’s largest job search networking group with over 5,700 members, 10 of which are landing new jobs each week. We’ve partnered with Patina Solutions to help those of you who may be considering a job search or actively pursuing one. To assist you, NSENG and Marty Gilbert (its founder and CEO) are offering a portfolio of 3 job search coaching packages that can significantly help accelerate your job search efforts whether you’re 2 weeks or 2 years into your search.

To take advantage of this program and view its special offerings and content, you just need to become an NSENG member by clicking on the “ADD TO CART” button below… it’s FREE to Patina Nation individuals. Once you’ve joined, just scroll down the page to login each time you visit.

If you are not yet an NSENG member, get a FREE membership here by clicking the “ADD TO CART” button. If you’re already a member, scroll down to login. Once you become an NSENG member, please bookmark the following page ( as this will be the page where you will login to view the coaching packages and to access your coaching purchase once you’ve made it.

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