NSENG®… Connecting to your next career opportunity

The NorthShore Executive Networking Group (NSENG) is the largest and fastest growing job search networking organization in the Chicago area. We have one specific goal in mind… helping individual’s with at least 10 years of work experience to find their next career opportunity. The organization is comprised of over 4,500 members, 5 individuals are joining each day and more than 10 members are landing new jobs each week. NSENG provides an interactive environment for professionals to network, hear presentations from job search experts, learn from one another and gain introductions to key individuals within companies that they are targeting.

Here’s what makes NSENG unique:

  • Meetings comprised of managers, directors, VPs and C-level individuals so attendees are interacting with people who bring extensive networks and strong professional backgrounds.
  • Engaging speakers who present actionable job search advice that members can apply immediately.
  • Small group networking sessions at each meeting so participants can share contacts and gain warm introductions into target companies from other members.
  • NSENG’s diverse membership covers a broad range of job functions and industries which helps expand each member’s reach when trying to obtain influential connections.
  • Job search coaching services that emphasize the “marketing” effort required to package, position and promote your unique competencies to potential employers– that’s what accelerates a job search.

Our meetings are held every other week at two different locations during the same week from 6:15-8:30pm: the Glenview Public Library (1930 Glenview Rd) and in Oak Brook at McDonald’s Hamburger University (2715 Jorie Blvd).  There are typically 60-120 attendees at each meeting with an agenda as follows (go to the Events tab for exact dates by location):

  • 6:15-6:30pm  Open networking
  • 6:30-6:45pm  Announcements
  • 6:45-7:45pm  Guest speaker presentation and Q&A
  • 7:45-8:30pm  Small group networking session (10-15 people per group)

There is no upfront fee to join NSENG—simply pay $20 at each meeting that you attend. You can begin receiving meeting notices and job leads by getting added to the NSENG roster. This is achieved by coming to a meeting, sending an email to NSENG Founder, Marty Gilbert, at martygilbert1@gmail.com or clicking here.

  • To view a document with further details on NSENG, click here.
  • To read a June 2018 article that was written by Voyage Chicago magazine about NSENG and Marty Gilbert, click here. 
  • To view a 3-minute video on “The what-the-hell approach to job search”, click here.
  • To view a 3-minute video on “7 key metrics for your job search”, click here.
  • To listen to a podcast interview of Marty Gilbert’s perspectives on “networking”, click here.

NSENG is a supportive group that provides great advice and a willingness to share ideas that help accelerate your job search efforts. A full portfolio of job search coaching services are also available and can be viewed by clicking here or contacting Marty Gilbert.

Here are a few quotes from individuals familiar with NSENG and it’s job search coaching services:

Christine Nowicki, Executive Coach at Kensington International outplacementMarty… I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the amazing NSENG program and networking activities you have created. I think the quality of speakers you offer and the momentum that you have built is terrific.  I know that many of our candidates at Kensington International attend your events and they always come back stating how valuable they are. Having the reach that your group provides is critical in the networking process. Thanks again for your compassion, caring, enthusiasm and support of those in transition.”

Director of Analytics“Marty is clearly able to draw upon his career experiences as well as extensive experience leading NSENG, in order to develop actionable job searching strategies and tactics.  I found him to be friendly and a good listener, while also being very action and results-oriented in his approach – which is just what I needed.  Ultimately, he helped me to reframe my thinking around the role of networking in both job searching and career management, while providing me with other specific advice as well that I was able to put to use.  He’s a pleasure to work with and I recommend him for coaching.”

Marketing Director: “I was struggling with how to position myself, never mind building a new resume. Marty to the rescue. He is thoughtful and flexible, and customizes his approach based on the needs of his clients. In addition to helping me get effective words on a piece of paper, his thoughts and feedback armed me with the confidence I need to find my next success. I am so grateful that Marty decided to pursue coaching full-time — he’s a natural!”

Chief Executive Officer:  “Marty Gilbert is an outstanding coach! I had the pleasure of being coached by Marty through a recent career search. Marty’s approach is based on candor with a detailed roadmap and tools to help you find your next position. He keeps you on top of your search activities and focused on networking! Marty is a great resource & coach for anyone going through a job search.”

Director of Entrepreneurial Services: “NSENG offers tremendous value. Looking back on my job search, I can say that NSENG helped me streamline the process. Within a few months of active participation in NSENG, I met supportive people, improved my networking skills, and attended invaluable presentations. The presentations were very beneficial because they increased my knowledge and my confidence. Finally, by going through this process, I realized that effective network building needs to be a continuous process (even post job search).  NSENG should be a starting point to any successful job search journey!”

Sales Executive“I am an accomplished national salesperson, but I had no idea how to sell MYSELF. I still lacked the confidence and the roadmap as to how to “put it all together”.  Marty’s one-on-one coaching has been invaluable. From revising my resume to literally giving me a step-by-step ‘Action Plan’, Marty’s help has been awesome. Also, when job opportunities have arisen, Marty has coached me through next steps and follow-up. His clear, concise approach combined with a fair amount of humor, has really ‘lightened the load’ of navigating the modern job search process.”

Innovation Manager: “Marty’s support was instrumental in helping me maintain a growth mindset during my search. His coaching and connections are top-notch, and he manages one of the most valuable and productive professional networking groups in the Chicago area. I highly recommend Marty Gilbert as an executive coach.”