This Directory is for NSENG members only and is password protected. Within the Directory spreadsheet is contact information for each member, roles that they are seeking and companies where they have previously worked.  Just click on the “Member Roster” button and enter the password to get access to the roster spreadsheet. The NSENG directory is confidential and proprietary to NSENG and not to be shared with anyone outside of the group. Additionally, the Directory is not to be used for talent recruiting purposes nor is it to be used for soliciting or selling services of any kind to members (eg, financial services, retirement planning, wealth management, etc). Violators can be prosecuted. 

Member Directory 

Here are a few suggestions on how the NSENG Directory can help make your job search efforts more productive:

  • Review the companies where NSENG members have previously worked. These may include industries and companies that are of particular interest to you and now you have a way to get inside perspectives and possible introductions that you couldn’t otherwise achieve on your own.
  • LinkIn with each NSENG member that has a background of interest to you.
  • Linking In with members is a fast way to increase your connections by several hundred people which helps produce far greater results when conducting a LinkedIn “people” or “company” search.
  • Set up one-on-one networking discussions with NSENG members and explore beneficial introductions they can make to their first degree connections.