As a little background, NSENG is Chicago’s largest job search networking and coaching firm (8,000+ members) and has helped over 2,000 individuals to land their next job opportunity, 10 of which are obtaining new jobs each week during COVID-19.

With your Basic NSENG Membership, you receive:

  • free job search webinar recordings in your MY NSENG Dashboard
  • NSENG’s weekly newsletters with upcoming events and job leads
  • ability to join NSENG’s LinkedIn group where you can exchange ideas with other members
  • advanced notification of all upcoming events

There are also Premium Membership services that include:

  • NSENG’s monthly 2.5-3 hour workshops
  • NSENG’s 90-minute webinars and on-demand recordings
  • NSENG’s coaching packages or customized coaching services
  • NSENG’s meetings when they resume after the Coronavirus pandemic

There is no upfront membership fee to join NSENG. NSENG’s members span All members span all job functions and industries, and each individual is prepared to share their job search experiences and contacts to help provide connections into your target companies. Here are a few links to additional job search resources that you may find helpful:
A 3-minute video on my “What the Hell Approach to Job Search”
A 7-minute video on my “7 Key Metrics for Your Job Search”
A 5-minute video on “Why MARKETING is the Key to an Effective Job Search”
My 2-minute interview with CBS Chicago News

By joining NSENG you are opting into NSENG emails and text messages that may be sent to you from time to time—you always have an option to opt-out. Please be aware that there is a “no solicitation” policy that is strictly enforced.

Welcome to the NSENG community—I hope you will find this group and your experience to be a positive one. And should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Marty Gilbert
Marty Gilbert
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