Many job seekers take a passive approach to their job search that includes several hours answering online ads that don’t produce much progress. That’s why an effective job search requires a “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE” attitude that utilizes some bold strategies & a proactive marketing campaign that creates more interest, more engagement and more interviews. “Marketing” is 90% of the job search and when you combine that will a willingness to do things that other job seekers aren’t, you get some powerful results. The “What the Hell Approach” has helped hundreds of job seekers to shorten their search and if you’re willing to embrace this unorthodox method, you will get far more visibility with potential employers. The following are some of the topics covered during this recording:

  • Where many job seekers fail in their search & why
  • The “what the hell approach” & how it works
  • 12 “what the hell” moves that accelerate your search
  • Accessing the “hidden job market”
  • Driving more attention to your background
  • The “trickle down” approach that engages your audience
  • The power of being bold